Trinity Art Design
Photographic (and other) Art
by Suzanne Ludlum

Suzanne conducts 1-day Photo Transfer workshops  at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts in Richmond, and at other locations by request. Contact Suzanne for more information, or call VMFA for registration information at 804-340-1400.


Suzanne’s work can also be found in Polaroid Corporation’s Portfolio Gallery.  Most artwork is available as originals or larger archival limited editions, matted or unmatted.  Please contact the artist for more information.

“The Forgiven”


The Forgiven03

“Suzanne nicely combines skilled technique in photography and development with an unmistakable penchant for traditional fine arts. The result is a series of photographs that make us think and feel. That's the ultimate reward of art, whatever the medium.  The artist takes up the discussion of crossover art directly. She writes in her artist statement of her quest to ‘push boundaries, play, experiment, and realize, ultimately, that the pursuit and exploration of art will always be a work in progress’...This is a strong exhibit” (Hyperion Espresso exhibit, August 2006).

                                                       ... Dave Smalley, The Free-Lance Star